Each purchase of Extension Addict Clip-Ins comes with the following inclusions:


  • 150 grams of 20'' length premium hair, lasting 1-2 years!

  • Comes on hair hanger & pink garment bag for easy travel & storage!

  • Includes a complimentary Glam Potion, Mist-ical Unicorn, and 2oz Elixir Drops! (total value 68.75 CAD)

  • Complimentary Shipping Anywhere in Canada included in purchase!


  • Extension Addict uses a more durable weft-type than conventional clip ins, utilizing a polymer weft rather than a machine tied weft. 


  • We have increased the number of clips added

onto each section, allowing for proper weight distribution; therefor, decreasing your chances of experiencing issues throughout duration of wear.

  • Extension Addict Clip-Ins can last up to 2 years of part-time wear (not to be worn at night).

  • Extension Addict's Clip-Ins are over 30.00 cheaper than international competitors with the CAD conversion rate, and we include 3 complimentary products, to help you better maintain your investment! None of our competitors offer free product!

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